Clique is right behind Game Jam. Here’s why.

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Why are we shoulder-to-shoulder with Game Jam? Good Question.

Here’s the answer. Dynamic concepts like innovation, development, and an independent spirit are behind everything we do at Clique. That’s why we are particularly proud to have created an event that helps deliver raw talent to where it needs to be.

With that in mind, Clique has put together Game Jam. More than just a competition, Game Jam is a means for promising talent in the world of independent game development to reach their deserving potential.

And as the excitement builds, we’re pleased to announce Game Jam: The Movie, a fly-on-the-wall insight into dedicated individuals, and their drive to fulfill their passions.

The upcoming documentary, Game Jam: The Movie (2017), is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at the ever-evolving and innovative world of independent games development.

In the movie, the story follows 12 teams of 60 budding game developers, who are competing in a nail-biting, 48-hour competition to win an exclusive trip to LA to partake in IndieCade – the world’s leading event for emerging, independent gaming. 

The winner of Game Jam will have the opportunity to showcase their talent to some industry titans, and the potential for a sought-after career in one of the world’s most energetic and thriving industries.

Why we got involved.

Creating Game Jam and being immersed in it means that we get to connect with developers and gamers in a way that, otherwise, just wouldn’t be possible.

Whilst we at Clique are honored to work with large games developers and producers to build games that millions get to enjoy, we greatly respect what is happening in independent gaming developers.  

Independent game developers are the ones taking gaming to new creative and entertainment levels.  They are driven by a sense of authenticity that only comes with the grass roots appeal of building gaming that gamers want to play.

It’s the energy, the raw creativity and the sheer buzz that comes from meeting new people who are passionate about fresh, inventive ideas that had inspired Game Jam. 

That’s what we do. And now, with Game Jam: The Movie, you can be a part of it too.

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