IndieCade: the “Sundance” of gaming

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IndieCade is coming and these are the ones to watch.

The International Festival of Independent Games (or IndieCade) has often been described in years past  as “the Sundance of gaming”. I expect this year will no different with a wide array of games making appearances. Here are a few you shouldn’t miss.

OneShot by Little Cat Feet

If you like unique gameplay, check out OneShot by Little Cat Feet. This top down puzzle/adventure game puts the player in the shoes of a child trying to restore the world’s sun. The player will encounter items, characters, and manifestations of the world itself, as it too, knows you’re there. The art is a beautiful companion to this intriguing story. The trailer is here:

Disco Bear by Brian Handy and Katie Pustolski

I don’t know where to start with Disco Bear. It’s just….wonderful. Disco Bear explores interactive humor that seems to be growing in popularity today. There is no objective or goal—just scenes that invoke ridiculous and delightful comedy. Check out the trailer here:

Kim by The Secret Games Company

Gorgeous. That’s the word that popped out of my mouth when I first saw this game. I mean, you can’t deny that the art in this game is nothing short of it. Luckily, the gameplay backs it up. Kim is an open world RPG set in colonial India. You play as Kim based on the original Rudyard Kipling character. Kim must journey through life as best as he can based on his own choices. Because each journey is different Kim has definite re-play value. Check out the trailer here:

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