Leadership, that’s how. Game Jam’s leadership comprises proven, insanely-successful, industry figures who know what it is like to be in a startup and who uniquely understand the demands of multi-billion dollar industries. They know the tech inside out and they know people even better.

They know how to set up winning teams where everyone plays to their strengths and all the bases are covered. That’s what they do all day, every day. And that’s what they do for Game Jam.

You’ll meet some of them in Game Jam: The Movie, but there is plenty more muscle behind the scenes. Here are just a few of the leaders who make Game Jam so successful.

Andy Powers: CEO and founder of Clique

Andy has been inventing, innovating, and investing since he was in his teens.

His credentials as a hands-on visionary are flawless in that he was an Uber seed investor and has big-name exits under hit belt. These include Nfuse, Push, Speek, Reggie, and Remedy.

Tim Gentry: President of Clique

Tim is a self-taught coder who has risen through the ranks of the tech and telecoms business to become a recognized thought-leader in Voice Tech.

He is at the sharp end of marketing and strategic business development, giving him the insight of being a true 360° player

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