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What Game Jam does and what’s in it for you:

Game Jam sets out to cut a clear path for talent to reach where it needs to be. For aspiring creatives, coding wizards and technical talent, getting your foot in the door can often be a case of being at the right place at the right time.

Whilst a lucky break can fall on anyone, we reckon that anyone who deserves a shot at the limelight should be able to stand up and be heard.

Game Jam is a way to connect a community that’s driven by passion. And when like-minded people get together with a common goal, that’s when something great can happen. Given the opportunity to see what raw talent can do, that’s how truly innovative and groundbreaking games get made.

So, Game Jam is that lucky break?

Pretty much. Aside from the people you’d meet, the connections you’d make, and the sheer inspiration of seeing your peers work, Game Jam is all about delivering talent to a wider audience. Success depends upon harnessing talent, and working hard to get that talent on to the stage that it deserves.

Being a part of Game Jam, and being surrounded by similar people with similar influences and enthusiasm, can result in new insights into ideas about the endless parameters of gaming. Win or lose, the fact remains that by engaging in the community, your skill base will be better for it.

Exposure is exposure is exposure. For people to get excited about a game, they have to see it in action. And for the winners of Game Jam, the ultimate prize: a VIP trip to IndieCade.

IndieCade is one of the world’s leading expos for showcasing the very best independent games out there. Anyone who can get a spot there to show their game is guaranteed to catch the attention of the wider indie gaming community.

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